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Reasons for choosing us

Deep cooperation with domestic well-known universities, IC research and development team, electronic application research and development center and customer service center, in the toy production base has a structure development team and production plant. The company starts from the source, focus on intelligent electronic toy industry for ten years, master the core technology, and in 2006 through the ISO-9001 quality management system; The products have been tested and evaluated by many authoritative institutions, such as SGS, TUV, UL, GS,CE.

Master the core technology, develop and produce the core components by ourselves

Remote control program by the company's senior engineers developed by themselves

Our products are sold across a wide swath of the global market

We are the leading toy manufacturer in China

One of the earlier producers of deformation toys in China

European and American markets also have our products, widely sold

About us

Founded in XX, X-TANSBOTS is based in...